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PHP · MongoDB · MySQL · GIT
Apache · NGINX · Varnish · NodeJS · PHP-FPM
HTML5 · JavaScript · jQuery · CSS3 · Canvas
Amazon EC2 · Linux · CentOS · Ubuntu · ESP8266
cURL · API Integration · RegEx · Modular Design / MVC
Media Streaming · HLS · FFMPEG · RTMP
Machine Learning · Artificial Intelligence · Data Mining
HAProxy · Squid · MongoDB Replica/Shard Sets · Load Balancing

MKN Software


    2020 · Sports Betting

    Read online sports betting site reviews, compare app features side by side, and learn about US sports betting.
  • Savvy

    2020 · Digital Insurance

    Integrations with other innovative technology partners are a key part of the digital mortgage era. We have architected our platform and business model to be open, supporting different types of integrations for various workflows.

  • MKN Properties

    2019 · Real Estate

    Innovoate technology combined with property management provides new standards to an aging market.

    2018 · Finance

    When your financial advisor or broker acts as a fiduciary, they put your best interests first, not their own wallets. Sadly, the average American doesn’t know if they are being provided unbiased advice or being sold an expensive financial product. We set out to change that in 2018.

    2018 · Logistics

    Harness our cutting-edge technology to increase your sales conversions. Leads Zoom is the #1 source for high converting, pre-qualified leads. Our solutions enable our customers to benefit from increased sales, employee efficiency and productivity, as well as the ultimate bottom line: profit.
  • Pairaphrase (3.0)

    2018 · Translation

    Pairaphrase brings professional translation technologies to business users. Our web-based translation management system for enterprises will improve your organization’s human translation process. Whomever translates for your organization will now spend less time translating and more time being productive, all while protecting your company’s data.

    Document Translation
  • CrowdMessage

    2018 · Lead Generation


  • TradeMyLease

    2018 · Ecommerce



    2017 · Finance is committed in providing accurate data for every online forex broker we track. It is home to the largest independent database on the web covering the international forex brokerage industry. For each broker, we’ve assessed: 7 categories. 255 variables. 234 currency pairs.

    2017 · Finance

    Our team is committed to providing in-depth reviews with accurate data and information for every share dealing broker we track. houses the largest independent internet industry database in the United Kingdom. For each share dealer, we’ve assessed: 7 categories. 147 variables.
  • Pairaphrase (2.0)

    2017 · Translation

    Pairaphrase is a productivity tool for busy executives and teams that need to efficiently produce quality translations in a secure manner. It makes the human translation process more efficient by combining machine translation with professional translation technology. Our interface is easy to use because we put all the power in the background so that you can focus on translating.

    Document Translation
  • - Trade Journal (3.0)

    2017 · Finance

    With over 12,000+ users, it's a no brainer why Trade Journal by is your goto log. Log your stock trades in the cloud, track your mistakes, test new strategies, and improve your trading.

    Trade Journal

    2017 · Finance

  • MKN Warehouse Solutions

    2017 · Logistics

    Cloud-based logistics that enable large volume manufactures to increase global sales across a multitude of channels. Powering over 25 million Skus via 50+ global warehouses, delivering to your door step anywhere in the world. *An Internal software

  • MKN Impound Solutions

    2017 · Logitics

    Cloud-based software that enables impound management for city-wide impounding. *An Internal software

  • (2.0)

    2016 · Finance continues its mission of unbiased reviews and ratings of online brokers. The annual review is respected as the toughest in the industry, incorporating over 295 variables across ten core categories. Through the annual review, tools, and over 30,000 words of research on site, has helped millions of visitors compare brokers.
  • Pairaphrase

    2017 · Translation

    Translation is simple with Pairaphrase. Upload files or cut & paste your text into the translation wizard. Produce translations with just a few clicks of your mouse or touchpad. Pairaphrase never shares or indexes your data. Pairaphrase is a critical feature of your online risk management strategy. Stay safe while translating with Pairaphrase!

    Document Translation
  • - ETFs Directory

    2017 · Finance

    Welcome to the ETFs directory with 1692 ETFs from 22 providers.

    ETFs Directory
  • Estoreify Enterprise

    2016 · Ecommerce


  • Mickey's Girl

    2016 · Ecommerce

    Mickey's Girl is somebody who is a trendsetter, creative, and fearless. Exclusive selections every week.

    Mickey's Girl
  • AgencyLynk

    2016 · Management

    AgencyLynk is a project management, collaboration, and time tracking platform that simplifies the tasks associated with running a creative agency. This intuitive platform streamlines the entire business management work flow and helps agency owners spend more time on their business and less time managing it.

  • BrandInfluence

    2016 · Data Mining

    BrandInfluence gives users the power to understand and react to conversations about their brand in social channels. Discover key insights and trends by social influencers and identify potential negative conversations that can have an impact on your bottom line.


    2015 · Finance is an industry first broadcasting network for traders and investors to stream their trading and investing live, all for free. Viewers can interact with broadcasters and other viewers via live chat. In addition, all broadcasts are auto-archived for later viewing. * sold January, 2016.
  • VizBe / VisionBoards

    2015 · Lifestyle

    VizBe is a goal-setting platform and resource center based on the widely popular concept of a vision board - a collage of images and phrases that represent your dreams and aspirations. The more regularly you envision your goals as completed, the more likely you will attain them. Our simple, intuitive website and library of inspirational images makes it easy for you to create stunning vision boards that can be accessed everywhere you go.


    2015 · Recruiting improves recruiting efforts and shortens the time-to-hire. From automating the posting of job opportunities, to collaboration and communication with team members and applicants, Sparkal is the easiest recruiting solution for small business.

  • Pay.Rentals

    2015 · Real Estate

    In validation.

  • Coder's Coffee

    2015 · Retail

    In validation.


    2015 · Music

    Validation completed - Case study available.


    2015 · Finance provides daily market recaps, educational articles, and a Trade Journal tool. Read free stock education articles and reviews of top online stock brokers.

    Stock Trader
  • StockBrokers

    2014 · Finance is an industry leading source of online brokers. It offers all investors a wide array of tools and resources to compare and research online retail brokerages. These features include: “Best of” Lists, Trade Cost Calculator, Comparison Chart, Broker VS. Broker.

    Stock Brokers
  • Estoreify

    2014 · Ecommerce

    Estoreify is the worlds first simplified embeddable ecommerce solution on the web. We leveraged the EC2 cloud to create a endless scalable platform that anyone can use to start selling today. "eStore-ify your site in 5 minutes". Estoreify's original roots were launched in 2011 as

    White Label Ecommerce
  • - Trade Journal

    2014 · Finance

    Goodbye Excel spreadsheets, hello Trade Journal. Log your stock trades in the cloud, track your mistakes, test new strategies, and improve your trading.

    "Trade Journal is the best I've found... I love the simplicity and the power behind the search / reports / analyze."

    Analyze Your Trades
  • OraGuide

    2014 · Utility / Plugin

    Oraguide is an easy to use solution for archaic online self help areas, also referred to has help centers or FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions). These areas are typically disorganized, challenging to navigate, lacking good content, and annoying to use due to the user needing multiple browser windows or mutliple monitors to follow along. Oraguide eliminates this poor customer experience by creating a simple to use guide window that incorporates instant help search and follows the user throughout the site, page to page.

    *Terminated 2015 - Market too small.

  • Jumpr

    2014 · Utility

    Your shortcut to the web. Jumpr is an experimental search engine based on today's modern branded web.

    *Terminated 2015 - Succeeded by Google.

  • Investing Teacher

    2013 · Finance is an interactive guide to technical analysis for stock trading. It's the first of its kind 156 page ebook that teaches stock charts start to finish. Broken in to four major sections with 28 chapters and two self-tests, you can go at your own pace and track your progress.

    Investing Teacher
  • Chase Me

    2013 · Utility

    Chase Me is the first ever deal learning engine on the web. We created a patent-pending algorithm that aligns users to product deals based on the user's social network activity. To add to the special sauce we integrated geolocated deals to further filter deals to within a 25 minute driving radius.

    *Technology acquired.

  • Cherries & Grapes

    2012 · Ecommerce

    Cherries & Grapes is an online marketplace of local Michigan wines and specialty products. We developed a platform that allows wineries / speciality shops to instantly sell and ship their products. Everything is automated: shipping notifications, labels, age verification, social networking, payment processing, etc.

    *Application was a success - market expired.

  • DNC Rentals

    2012 · Ecommerce

    DNC Rentals was a online service that allowed residents of Charlotte, NC to rent out their place to the market easily and instantly. Listings were highly search engine optimized; most new results were shown on search engines within minutes of creation. We were able to generate a multitude of leads through organic searches. The site's property filter was based on a Google Maps integration with content provided by Yelp-API. Properties also displayed "walking distance" ratings - where we calculated a walking radius to local events / restaurants.

    *Application was a success - market expired.

  • Drawabble

    2012 · Education / Games

    Drawabble was a Facebook game that combined Pictionary, Hangman, and Scrabble, all into one massive social multiplayer game. It was an experimental project built on HTML5's Canvas / MongoDB. The game peaked at 10,000+ drawings (arrays) before it was acquired. "If you're not drawing then you're trying to figure out your friend's “word” by watching your opponent's picture re-draw in realtime."

    *Technology acquired.

  • Open Course Alert

    2011 · Education

    OCA ( is one of MKN Web Solution's early data-mining-experimental projects. Today it's a fully functional course alert system used (completely free) by a few hundred students at Michigan State University alone. Users tracking a course receive an instant SMS / email notification for when at least 1 or more seat(s) becomes available. To date, we successfully placed 97% of our users into their tracked courses.

    Open Course Alert

MKN Open Source Contributions

MongoDB · Google / Chromium / Webkit · Google / Maps API
libcURL · Facebook API · Stripe API · s3fs-fuse
Amazon AWS API · NGINX/rtmp-module · Raspberry Pi
Stackoverflow · GitHub

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